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Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality packing machine including rice packing machine and sugar packing machine with high-quality services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan City, Guangdong province, southern China, owning more than 10000m2 standard modernized workshop with high technology.

Q: When BAOPACK is founded ?

A: BAOPACK is founded in 2001, we have around 20 years experience for vertical packing machine.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Normally, our delivery time is around 45 to 60 days. But for some special request or solution, we will communicate with production first before we offer delivery time to customer. 

Q: What’s the warranty ?

A: The warranty is 1 year, but not including the easy damaged spare parts, such as cutter, belts, heater, etc.

Q: what’s your advantage ?

A: We are professional in packing machine with 20 years experience, the stability and service is worth to trusting. Our technician with more than 10 years experience, all the machine will be tested final checked before shipping to ensure the stability. The best choice for vertical packing machine is BAOPACK.

Q: We want to buy packing machine from you, but other accessories we will buy from other supplier.

A: The best suggestion is to buy the complete set from us directly, this is more convenient for your service. We also produce the conveyor, platform, discharge conveyor, etc. We have the good partner for multi-heads weigher, and offer you more favorable price.

Q: Does your technician speak English ?

A: Some of them can.

Q: I want to pack XX, weight is XX, can you offer me the packing machine

A: It needs to know more details, such as film material, production capacity, bag size then recommend to you the most suitable packing project.

Q: Can you arrange the technician to oversea for commissioning ?

A: We can offer the technician if you requested , but you need to pay the return air ticket, visa charges, labor fees and accommodation. We also suggest you to check the machine when we finished in our factory and train you operating the machine.  

Q: Why not stainless steel for all parts?

A: Some parts can't use stainless steel to produce, the processing technology and accuracy cannot meet the requirement. We had considered the service life and durability of parts when developing the design. So you can rest assured.

Q: What kind of material is used in the machines? All stainless steel?

A: We have two kinds of material for the frame as options. Option 1 : 304 stainless steel frame; Option 2: Mild stainless steel frame, but the parts contacting with food are 304 stainless steel.

Q: What is configuration of your equipments?

A: 90% of our electrical components are originally imported, in other to make sure the service life of machine and stability. The configuration detail is shown in our quotation. All the configuration is set after all these years of practical experience;

Q: One machine can support two measuring system? Such as multi-heads weigher and auger filler.

A: We need to know the detailed packaging requirements and layout of your factory then decide if this system is suitable or not. Commonly, we have offered the packing machine to support weigher and auger filler together.

Q: We have our own trading company to arrange the shipping, if we didn’t have trading company, can you offer us the FOB or CIF price ?

A: We can offer you EXW, FOB or CIF price.

Q: Machines have alarm system?

A: We will have alarm when the door is open, or no material, or no film, ect.

Q: Can we print production date?

A: Yes, our machine can be with pneumatic code printer, which can print three rows (each row 12 characters). According to customer’s request, we could use thermal transfer printer or laser printer in our machines.

Q: What is the voltage frequency of the machine?

A: Our standard is single phase, 220V 50HZ. And we can adjust according to the voltage requirements of customer.

Q: Do you have a manual in English?

A: Yes, and still we are developing and make it better and better.

Q: Touch screen can be set to Spanish/Portuguese / or other language?

A: We mainly have 2 languages in the touch screen. If customer require for different kind of language, we will assist for the translation.

BAOPACK company provides high level packaging machine system for the food packaging industry
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