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Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality packing machine including rice packing machine and sugar packing machine with high-quality services.


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Flexible Solution

Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co., located in Foshan City, Guangdong province, southern China, owning more than 10000 square meters standard modernized workshop with high technology, with over 20 years rich experience in making vertical packaging machine, with advance high technical and stable performance ,yet except for mainly vertical packaging machine is we are manufacturing and supplying ,also provide and also allocated other around equipment such as scales(multi-heads&liner scale,volumetric).etc, Z type or inclined conveyor, platform ,they are the same as VFFS machine made of stainless less , with coordinate to packaging machine high quality and stable efficiency.

    BAOPACK company provides high level packaging machine system for the food packaging industry
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